Brâncuşi in Timişoara

brâncuşi in timişoara Timişoara plays host to the largest exhibition of Constantin Brâncuşi’s work to be held in Romania in decades.


With an insured value of half a billion euros but with a sentimental value impossible to assess, almost 100 works by the remarkable Romanian sculptor of world renown Constantin Brâncuşi are on display as part of the most comprehensive exhibition of his work to be hosted by Romania in the last half a century. Sculptures, photographs, archive documents and video footage are presented to the public under the title "Brâncuşi - Romanian sources and universal perspectives" hosted by the National Museum of Art in Timişoara from 30th September until the end of January next year. The works come from public and private collections from Romania and abroad, including famous galleries such as the Pompidou Centre in Paris and Tate Gallery in London. The works on display feature Maiastra, Bird in Space, The Kiss, Mademoiselle Pogany, Head of a Child, Prayer, Borne-frontière and Sleeping Muse. According to the curator of the exhibition Doina Lemny, from the Pompidou Centre, the exhibition is not necessarily a retrospective of Brâncuşi's work, but rather seeks to demonstrate his constant connection to his home country, despite achieving fame in France. 


Filip Petcu, the director of the Museum of Art in Timişoara, tells us more:


"We see in the exhibition a fine selection of Constantin Brâncuşi's works put together by Doina Lemny. It's about a very special context in which the works communicate based on the curatorial concept aiming to showcase Brâncuşi's connection with Romania, including with commissioners of art and public figures, as well as with Romanians from the diaspora who helped him and thank to whom his work was promoted both in the West and in Romania."


The president of the Art Encounters Foundation, Ovidiu Şandor, describes the exhibition as a gem:


"It's an extremely dense exhibition which provides a good picture of Brâncuşi's work, featuring both well-known and iconic works brought over from the world's biggest museums, and lesser known works which we believe will provide a pleasant surprise to the public."


Ovidiu Șandor expects a large number of visitors:


"I think this is an exceptional exhibition. We hope it will be viewed as a tribute to one of the pillars of Romanian culture, Constantin Brâncuşi. We are happy to be able to have on loan some extraordinary works and we're waiting for everyone to come to Timişoara and discover this exhibition and all the other cultural events the city has in store this autumn."


The exhibition "Brâncuşi - Romanian sources and universal perspectives" is the highlight of the Timişoara - 2023 European Capital of Culture programme.
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