Listener's Day on RRI

listener's day on rri Today we bring you a special programme marking Radio Day

On November 1st we celebrate Radio Day here in Romania, a date linked to the establishment of Romanian public broadcasting service back in 1928. To mark this celebration, Radio Romania International is traditionally hosting a special broadcast around this date in which listeners get to weigh in on a topical subject. And what can be more topical this year than the coronavirus pandemic and the harm posed by misinformation?

This year on Listener's Day, we've asked you to share your own experience with fake news during the pandemic. We were also eager to find out if the pandemic has affected the way you get your information, and more specifically what sources you use to keep yourself informed on an everyday basis. Today we will be looking at your interesting insights into these topics.

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Publicat: 2021-11-07 14:00:00
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