Neamt County, Vacation Destination

neamt county, vacation destination Neamt County has a solid territorial structure, with a strong ambition of becoming a powerhouse on the tourist map of Romania and Eastern Europe

In search of attractive tourist objectives, we stop now in Neamt County, in the northeast of the country. Here we will find many culture trails, circuits for mountain trekking lovers, and many interesting museums, showcasing the cultural specificity, the history, but also the ancient traditions of the place. We will discover a place laden with legend, great stories to tell while enjoying a rich traditional meal.



Adrian Nita, spokesman for the Neamt County Council, told us that Neamt County has a solid territorial structure, with a strong ambition of becoming a powerhouse on the tourist map of Romania and Eastern Europe:

“This is why the County Council, which is an institution that has become more and more involved, more active, and closer to the needs of the local communities, shows an opening to this end. The present ambitions of the leadership and the team that deals with tourism are those of placing our county among the top destinations of Romania, offering this area an international resonance. When we say Neamt, we are thinking of a special place, a complex territory, with many resources, a place where the beauty of nature harmoniously blend with the history, tradition, and hospitality of the people, the things that make them special. At a closer analysis, I would say that our county is on the top list in Romania, having the highest number of monasteries in the country, and being a tourist destination of excellence at the European level. This position is thanks to the rich patrimony it has, made up of numerous protected nature areas, and over 530 certified resorts and historical monuments.”



All these resources add up to a variety of forms of tourism: mountain, cultural, ecumenical, agrotourism, and spa tourism. There is a well developed transportation, accommodation, food, and spa infrastructure. There are also three airports close by: Bacau, Suceava, and Iasi. Adrian Nita, spokesman for the Neamt County Council, told us the details:

“The natural landscape of a rare beauty, history and art monuments, the ethnic and folklore treasures, these place Neamt County among the first tourist destinations in Romania, and they have been attracting many Romanian and foreign visitors. We start discovering the city at the foot of the Pietricica Mountains, in Piatra Neamt, which is also the county seat, nicknamed The Pearl of Moldavia. We then get to Ceahlau, the holy mountain of Romanians, and to the Izvorul Muntelui dam and dam lake, the sea between the mountains, as it is known. It is a huge expanse of water in the heart of the mountain, in a fantastic natural setting. Also, the Bicaz Gorges are known as the Stone Empire, and Auroch Country is the only destination in Romania that is on the top 100 list of sustainable destinations at the global level. A few days ago, it was voted by the public the second on the list. Also in Neamt County we can reach the fascinating universe of eternal childhood, right at the childhood home of renown storyteller Ion Creanga, in Humulesti, where you can also discover the secrets of traditional crafts. Also in the area, you can visit Neamt Fortress, which has never been taken, but also Neamt Monastery, the so-called Jerusalem of Romanian Orthodoxy, the oldest monastical dwelling place in Moldavia, documented since 1210.”



In Neamt County you can also find the only Cucuteni Museum in Romania:

“One lesser known aspect is that the evolution of human communities in the area contributed to the shaping of the most accomplished prehistoric civilization in Europe, the one in which the Cucuteni culture is included. Most people visiting our county are interested most of all by entertainment activities and original events. Lately, the entertainment activities at Durau Park, in Durau resort, have been garnering increased interest. Be it summer or winter, in this wonderful mountain resort, at the foot of the Ceahlau Mountain, with a superb scenery, you can skiing or go mountain climbing. The slope is special, with a ski lift, snow cannons, and night lighting. Also highly sought after are food exhibitions, such as Echo Brunch in Auroch Country, held in September 2020 in the Targu Neamt area. Cultural attractions are the paintings by great painter Nicolae Grigorescu at Agapia Monastery, or those by great painter Nicolae Tonitza at Durau Monastery.”



In Neamt County you can find the famous craftsmen of Tarpesti, in the Targu Neamt area. There are events there that they attend. You can also find them in a few museums. Here is Adrian Nita once again:

“With each visit to the legendary lands of Neamt, irrespective of the reason for the visit, you will realize that Neamt County is a unique space, which opens unlimited possibilities for experimences and knowledge, a place chock full of history, overwhelming with its culture. For these reason, and many others that cannot be contained in such a brief presentation, we believe that Neamt Country is a boundless source of beauty, of historical, cultural, ethnographic, and spiritual significance. It is a vacation destination that will appeal to every tourist. In conclusion, all that remains is that you get here and you will see with your own eyes. We eagerly await you.”



There you have it, a vacation for all and for all times of the year. The invitation has been made, and see you next time, with a new destination.
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