mud&butterflies Chioma Ebinama's first exhibition in Bucharest

On Saturday, March 13, an art gallery in downtown Bucharest opened a show entitled "mud&butterflies," the second personal show by artist Chioma Ebinama with the Catinca Tăbăcaru gallery and her first ever exhibition in Romania.




Born in 1888, Chioma Ebinama is a Nigerian-American artist whose work delves into mythology, animism, and pre-Colonial philosophy. In 2018 she had her first personal show with Romanian-born US-resident Catinca Tăbăcaru's Gallery in New York City, followed by shows with Boys' Quarters Project Space in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (2019), Fortnight Institute in New York (2020), and The Breeder in Athens (2020). For this year she has several solo projects with Catinca Tăbăcaru in Bucharest, Maureen Paley in London and the Haute-Vienne Contemporary Art Museum in France.


The "mud&butterflies" exhibition will be opened in Bucharest until April 24. 


RadioRomaniaInternational · Happening in Romania: “mud&butterflies” - Chioma Ebinama's first exhibition in Romania

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