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2013-06-11 13:24:00

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 Qasim ali shah :

I am listener to radio Romania. I am from Hyderabad sindh pakistan. I am listening to radio from my childhood. I had a radio set named standard radio receiver . my father was fond of radios sets he had valve based radios and many others like as transistor sets, i have now crown radio set made in 1961 . is Romania making radio sets now. your programs are very interesting and informative you broadcast latest news from heart of Europe and surroundings likes as DW . i am fond of and like your cultural programs and music. radio voice of russia gave honor ! to present my letter on their radio before this / i live countryside in rural area of sindh pakistan. your english programs are based on new slandered and able to listen to, thanks bye bye Qasim Ali shah from phulely hyderabad sindh pakistan.

Added: 2014-07-14 14:24:30


Yes, I was listening very eagerly in December 1989, so I can say I have been you right from the start of RRI!

Added: 2016-10-06 21:00:50